Courageous Soul

Monday, September 12, 2005

We're going to LAS VEGAS! Early November! The tickets are bought. It's for a week, and im so excited, OBV. It's me Steve and his mom and dad. His dad is getting honored for having such high scores in the car thing, he had the highest in the nation so they are flying him out there to give him the award in a ceremony. Remember they have a car collision shop, the best in michigan, well with there rating and test scores and certifications they really are. Ive seen the proof. I'm so proud of them!!

This weekend he layed some cermaic tile down in my office omg its so beautiful!!! It really complete's the place nicely.

So i cut my hair! About 4 inches off last week, 6 inches in some areas because she added some shorter layers so it has some nice volume when i leave it curly. I LOVE it. I was really scared because my hair was SOOO long and i dont trust many people with it. But she did a great job!

[for some reason the html to post a pic wouldnt work?]

We had a great time at the lake this weekend, i have a nice renewed tan and the cute freckles are back on my nose, lol. It was probably one of the last good weekends of the summer, already!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Things have been rather busy with my business, getting ready for school and much needed Steve time.We dont really have any set weekend plans for the first time in months! We just are going to lay some tile in one of the rooms at my office and clean up his yard a bit. We're becoming more and more like a married couple, it's pathetically adorable! I couldnt ask for more. His mom mentioned today how much of a good change she's seen in him since ive come around. He's started caring about things again, taking repsonsibility for the things he neglected. She's so happy that we're together, and his and my whole family and friends feel the same way. It's nice to be loved by so many people. They are all so caring. I myself have really become a much better and happeir person. Each day is a new adventure and i love it!

Off to do some errands before the weekend!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Poker anyone?

So tomorrow is the Poker run aorund the lake. I guess everyoen with there old, new and fast cars go around the lake racing tryign to win at poker. Each stop is a hang out. I knwo sounds boring and cheesy but apprently its alot of fun. They do burn outs showing off and afterwards they all go off into hidden places and drag race. I'm kinda excited about it! Me and Steve got his mom and dads blue chevelle convertible. I wish i knew the year lol But i will take pictures!

Sara is supposed to come up this weekend dont know now if she will make it. I'm rather disapointed but oh well.

My business had it's first good week. Was nice to be able to pay my bills this month. A bunch of weight off my shoulders.

I'm exhausted.