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Saturday, April 30, 2005

Everything is truly FABULOUS!

Waitressing is going really good, im making great money that i need so bad. it's all going to bills though :( Can't wait till i get caught up on my bills and i can get some summer clothes. Nothing from last year will do anymore. Do you ever look at last seasons clothes and wonder WTF was i thinking? I'm also getting more comfortable with myself and am not gonna be so shy with different styles of clothing that i like.

Its been awhile since i let myself fall into something. Sure i have dated, but i kept a great deal of distance from the other guys because i knew they werent worth letting in. Steve on the other hand, tho i am keeping a bit of distance for awhile, im letting him in slowly. It's really sad we are totally that fresh new couple that is soo touchy and cuddly and kissy, it's rather sick really. But i love it lolHe told his mom about me yesterday. Basically it was his mom saying "I have this great girl to introduce you to!" him saying, "Mom i think it's a little to late for that" Then ofcourse you know on came 20 questions. He told me that ofcourse he didnt mind talking about me and that she is SO excited to meet me. From how he talks his parents seem really really cool, and im just as excited. Last night i went over and he totally cooked this absolutly yummy spagetti dinner for me! I was very impressed. And then we cuddled the night away watchin movies.

So over all school is great got a 97% on my massage practical, and work is going great, and well finally the love life is going extremely great!!


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