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Monday, April 18, 2005

Maybe there's a chance?

So lets start from saturday where it all began. Where i realized i am possibly worth dating.

My friend Desiree who's in the massage program with me tells me she's havin a BBQ and to come over and join her and friends. Little did i know she had in her mind a guy she wanted to introduce me too. So i happily accept the inviation and go over. Her friend Steve shows up, he's so handsome and respectful, and funny! Me and him sat on the porch with beers in hand talking and getting to know eachother, realizing we know alot of the same people and that he lives 1/2 from me. We were suprised we had never met. At the end of the night he askes for my phone number and a hug. At this point im excited to have met someone new, but still a little leary because everytime i meet someone new they end up being another piece of scum. Yesterday he calls me to do something after i got off work. He picked me up and we got ice cream and went and found a nice spot on the beach and sat and enjoyed our icecream and got to know eachother better. We watched the sunset and i was so mad i didnt have my camera it was amazing. We then drove around for a awhile and then he started telling me about his house that HE BUILT all on his own with his father, they didnt have anyoone come in to do electrical or piping, they did it all. So i ofcourse want to see this place.

I was so impressed this 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 bath, 2 story house with a huge deck in front and one in back with a massive jaccuzzi, it was amazingggg. However i knew i liked him much before i knew of all this and what he was capable of. He gave me a tour and then we decided to watch a movie. Through out the night i couldnt help but to try and find things wrong with him, but i couldnt no matter how i tried. Its a habit i find myself doing, i hate it.
We cuddled and it was really nice. He finally reached in for a kiss, and afterwards he said sweelty "ive been wanting to do that all night", i totally blushed and smiled.

He took me home, and gave me a kiss goodbye, and said he will call me this week to go out again. I'm so excited for the possibilities.

Desiree called me today wanting all the details, she told me more about him and all thigns i was happy to hear. She's known him for a really long time and can hoenstly say he's not like the scum around here and that he is truly as amazing as i have found him to be.

So we will see, if this will end up being something really good or another chapter in the soap opera of my love life. I guess its true when you least expect something and when you arent even looking good things come to you. I'm not taking this fast, im gonna take it slow, see what happens and Enjoy my summer.

I did walk up to the beach the other day and layed out there for a bit in the sun.

i love that bench i often go there to read and relax.



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