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Saturday, April 02, 2005

A nice comfy spot

Maybe i feel a little more comfortable then i thought writing here. Might be becuase its something new, or because i can be open and no one i wouldnt want to read it will find it. My own little hidden comfy spot. A paper journal never felt right, i didn't feel i could share my deepest thoughts. I always thought my mom looked around in my room when i wasnt around, though i know she didn't because i do, like any person have things hidden around in my room that if she did find she would have said something. She's not one of those parents that deep down knows everything but dosent say anything about it, she sure as hell says what she thinks and knows.

Ive discovered the wonders of King of Queens from my friend Chris. He and i watched it the other night and he let me borrow his season 3 dvd's to watch some more of it. Its hilarious, its not close to Sienfeld, but no one will ever be close to them.

Tomorrow i have class 830-430, its gonna be a long day but im excited for each class. Better get some rest!


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