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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Spring Fever

Today was sooo beautiful, well the past few days have been great. I cleaned my car insdie and out, a lil spring cleaning is just what it needed.

Now that spring is coming the lonelyness gets worse because i crave having some closer friends to enjoy the great weather with. But even if i did have some i still dont have the time. I also wouldnt mind someone even closer then a friend around, i miss that lately..alot. I do plan on moving though in about 7 months so i dont want to start something around here when i dont plan on staying. There is this one friend, we enjoy eachothers company alot, i'd love it to go further but he plans on moving too so its a no win situation for me. However who knows there's def a spark between him and i, he's taking me to a movie this weekend. Maybe whatever it is that we are is just what i need right now. For once i should be happy with what i have instead of craving more, nothing is ever enough sometimes. In some cases thats not bad but for once i should just be happy with whatever it is i have.

Tomorrow is my 3rd client, im excited becuase monday i massaged my teacher, everyone has to, to learn and improve. I'm excited to practice what i have learned, and let my confidence grow. She was really pelased with how im doing. My massage is good but my tests arent that great. She mentioned how my energy level is off the walls, she can feel it when i walk in on test days. So the next test she's going to try some relaxtion techniques to help me so i can improve them. Luckly i know my stuff, she knows that too and our tests arent that much of our grade. Our massage skills are mainly graded.


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