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Friday, April 08, 2005

Wandering lost

I dont understand whats going on lately, seriously i cant get things feeling normal. I keep trying different things each day trying to feel a sence of normal or something, anything.

Lately ive been thinking about my spiritual being.. we've been talking about it a little in class. Later we are going to get more into it. Ever since then is when it all started. Sometimes i feel like crying till theres no more tears, sometimes i cant stop smiling. Maybe its just my body doing its normal hormone dance, i dont know but its driving me nuts. I crave someone to be close to so bad, someone who i can let see the many sides of me. For awhile i was okay with not having that but not anymore. I see everyone around me with someone close. Whats wrong with me am i incapable of making friends, or even worth dating? Maybe im just having a low week but regardless these feelings have remained in me for awhile. I thought spring would bring happier days, but i have yet to see some....


  • At April 09, 2005 10:42 AM, Blogger Stefan said…

    Hang in there Amanda. Be patient and opportunities will show themselves. I'm on my way back with some trenary bread.


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