Courageous Soul

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Free Falling

Things are better than i can imagine. I'm off school for abut a month now. Things with Steve are absoltly amazing. I really am doing so well for the first time while living up here. I knew being patient would be good in the end. Sure its only been a month but these first months in a relationship are what build the concrete base. We get along so well, he treats me the way i deserve. That seems to be hard to find. I could go on and on gushing about it all but i wont :)
I'm falling and im not afriad of it!!!

School went well i got all A's in my massage courses!! We start yo again in early June, thats when we do the clinicals. People come in pay 10 dollars for a massage. We do it on tuesdays, thursday, just about all summer. We each do 3 massages each day. It will be great practice!

So yeah thats really all i have to say right now. I'm so incredibly happy, i hope it dosent come to an end, but i have a feeling it wont anytime soon ;)