Courageous Soul

Friday, August 26, 2005

Poker anyone?

So tomorrow is the Poker run aorund the lake. I guess everyoen with there old, new and fast cars go around the lake racing tryign to win at poker. Each stop is a hang out. I knwo sounds boring and cheesy but apprently its alot of fun. They do burn outs showing off and afterwards they all go off into hidden places and drag race. I'm kinda excited about it! Me and Steve got his mom and dads blue chevelle convertible. I wish i knew the year lol But i will take pictures!

Sara is supposed to come up this weekend dont know now if she will make it. I'm rather disapointed but oh well.

My business had it's first good week. Was nice to be able to pay my bills this month. A bunch of weight off my shoulders.

I'm exhausted.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Clearence Shopping Queen!

So this weekend is Steve's grandparents 50th anniversary party. We gotta kinda semi dress up and ofcourse i havent a thing to wear! So i take the 20 dollars i have to spend on an outfit and go hunting. I stop at Kmart first seeing as they have a huge 50% off sign outside. I attack the clearnece rack and discover the PERFECT dress. It says $10, that i can afford, however i need to find shoes too. I go searching for shoes and find the yet again, PERFECT shoes. I go to the register only to be surpised that the dress does not cost $10 but $4.80!!!!!!! This was totally ment to be. Ther perfect outfit for $11.80. Amazing? YES i think soooooo.

Along with all that my newspapaer article turned out nice except the fact that this same week one of the massage therapist in Houghton lake decided to also have a new location article printed right by mine. I wasn't happy but oh well nothing i can do. He did look kind of creepy in his picture though. And ive heard not so good things about him so im not real concerned. Just disapointed, i wanted to be the spot light.

So this weekend will be funa t the party, im really excited to wear this dress, words cant even explain!

Saturday, August 13, 2005


Life is fantasticly great right now. I've gotten out of the deep hole i fell in when i moved here and I have actually grown to really like it here. I'm with an amazing man who's family is just so sweet and great. They have helped me in so many ways. My business is slowly but surely growing. I can't wait for it to really be going. School is finally almost done, i'll have 2 more classes after this fall semester and i'll have my degree, FINALLY. I do plan on going back and doing the skin care program because my 10 year plan is to have a Day Spa/ Bed Breakfast place and i want to take the salon management class and all that junk.

I cant beleive is August already! This summer is flying by. But it has truly been one of the best ones i have ever had. I finally have gotton to enjoy this beautiful lake and all the fun around it. One of the best thigns is im meeting people in town, people of all ages. And finally i dont feel so alone even when im surrounded by a bunch of people. It's because now i see a famaliar face where ever i go, im not jsut the redhead in the shadows who no one knows anymore. I never could ahve iamged i would liek it ehre as much as i do. 7 months ago had you asked me if i liekd it here, the first words out of my mouth where, "when i gradute im going to California". I couldnt wait to escape but now i couldnt think of anywhere else i would rather be.

My family from California is here for the next week, and right now Steve is golfing with all them. They all think he's great. But they dont need to tell me that, i already know.